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Our expert lawyers will support you throughout and maximise your chances of achieving the best possible outcome.

If you have been arrested or face a criminal charge in Crown Court or a Magistrates Court, Our Criminal Defence Solicitors at can provide both expert legal advice and specialist criminal defence services.


Offering 24/7 Emergency Assistance. If you are enquiring on behalf of someone else who has been arrested please call our emergency number as soon as possible, a solicitor will be on hand immediately to travel to the police station. Seeking legal advice at the earliest stage can greatly impact the outcome of the case, we make sure clients are fully aware of their options throughout their legal journey.

We understand that being arrested can be a very frightening experience, that's why our solicitors advise clients of what their rights are in custody and are able to step in if their rights are being infringed upon.

Emergency Contact: 07869125740


No matter what you are accused of we devoted to the highest professional standards. What you share with your solicitor is confidential, we know mutual trust is the core of successful representation. We will build your defense, gathering all of the necessary evidence to present your case in court.

Client choice is one of core values therefore you will be listened to, respected and represented no matter what choices you make.


Whether you know someone who has been sentenced to prison or someone who has been remanded in custody we can offer assistance. Our solicitors regularly liaise with clients in custody and can represent them both in court and at parole hearings within the prison.


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