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We are well versed at representing both landlords and tenants on a range of property issues from drawing up leases to handling disputes.

Our balanced approach to property law ensures we can achieve the best possible outcome in any given situation. By aligning our cells with the unique requirements of each client we deliver a cost-effective bespoke solution. Whether you are a landlord growing your business or a tenant with a dispute we will work to achieve your own goals.


We will draft enforceable lease agreements to add security to your landlord-tenant relationship that lease agreement sets out the respective rights and obligations of both landlord and Tenant and is thus spoke to every client in meeting their individual needs. If something does go wrong over the course of a tenancy you can rely on your lease agreement to protect your rights and recover your costs in court. Book a FREE initial consultation today.


If you're a landlord with a nightmare tenant or a tenant with an unreasonable landlord we are here to help. We can act on your behalf in disputes to secure the best possible outcome. Having an objective person in the process can help prevent disputes spiralling out of control and we can negotiate on your behalf with your best interests at the forefront of our minds.


If you're a landlord who needs to retake possession of your property we can prepare the necessary legal instruments to serve a section 21 notice.  I will strategic approach means we can handle these situations in a time effective way and with minimal fuss.


If you are a landlord or tenant who is currently going through an alternative dispute resolution service (ADR-  usually through the deposit protection service)  we can help. We will represent you, your interests and gather all the evidence you need to be successful. Our knowledge of ADR means your case will be prepared with precision and you will have full knowledge of your rights throughout.


If you are a landlord who is unsure of regulations or Health and Safety law you can take advantage of our advisory services. We can advise on local authority regulations and get you set up with everything you need to rent out your first property. Engaging our services means you'll be legally protected should anything go wrong and will make you fully compliant with the law. Give us a call today to take the first step into leasing.


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