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Our specialist immigration team advises businesses and individuals on all aspects of UK immigration and nationality law.

Whether you are applying for a visa, claiming asylum or fighting deportation we are on your side. Immigration is a complex area of law and people often struggle to understand the UK immigration system due to language and cultural barriers. Our lawyers will help you to make sense of applications and we can advocate on your behalf if you are having issues with the Home Office. We have a long history of submitting successful visa applications and winning cases against deportation. No matter what your immigration issues are, we will stand up for your rights.


The UK has many types of visas and runs a complex points system for most types. You can apply for a visa on a number of grounds, here's just a few of them;

  • Family & Spousal Visas - You Want Your Partner and/or Children to Join You Here in the UK.

  • 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' - If You Want to Live and Work in the UK on a Permanent Basis.

  • Adult Dependent Visas - An Adult in Your Country of Origin Relies on You on a Day-to-Day Basis For Support.

  • Student Visas - If You Want to Study in the UK for a Set Period of Time, There Are Also Visas If You Wish to Stay in the UK After Study.

  • Tier 1, 2, 4 Visas - These Are Study and Employment Based Visas with Complex Requirements Based on Your Individual Circumstances.

The application process for all UK visas is complex and should be approached with caution. Our solicitors can give advise on the process and prepare applications on your behalf. Having a professional to assess your individual circumstances and gather all the necessary evidence, avoids common mistakes that result in applications being refused. Book your FREE CONSULTATION today and find out whether you meet the eligibility criteria.


If you need to claim asylum in the UK we can help. We can defend your human rights in court under the Human Rights Act 1998, we will assess your situation and advise the best way forward. Book a FREE CONSULTATION today or Give us a call.


We are able to defend clients against deportation in Court putting forth your case to stay in the UK. If you are detained we will apply for bail whilst your case is being considered by the courts. We understand how frustrating and frightening being detained or removed from the UK could be, so we work swiftly to secure a stable outcome for you and your family. Give us a call for advice and support.


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